Environmental Monitoring Calendar

Water Discharge, Solid Waste & CO2 Emissions  (2017)


Summary of Environmental Monitoring Results:

Monitoring Month: March  -2018

Parameter Units Quantity
Waste water m³/Day 750
BOD ppm 12
COD ppm 45
TSS ppm 14
TDS ppm

Summary of Water Intake: Average of monthly consumption= m³/Day

Environmental Activities 

  1. Water Audit: Water Savings recommendations are being formulated.
  2. Monthly Environmental Monitoring: Monitoring Results updated on website.
  3. Waste handling: Waste segregation is under progress.
  4. Casual Sportswear Environmental Policy has been shared with vendors. Vendors have been asked to submit their environmental policies.
  5. Chemical Handling: For safe handling and transportation of chemicals, in-house modification on chemical trolley is being done.
  6. Resource Monitoring: Steam flow meters under tender / procurement.
  7. Environmental Management System has been submitted by SPMC. We will start implementation soon.
  8. Legal Register has been developed and submitted by SPMC. This is a live document and will be updated continuously with the help of consultant.